Crystal Attraction — The Role Of Attraction When Selecting Your Crystals.

Crystal attraction? Have you ever wondered why you are drawn or attracted to a particular crystal or stone and not to another?

Perhaps this particular crystal is calling out to you. It is trying to get your attention as it has lots to offer, including its friendship and healing.

Actually, this crystal attraction is a pretty good indicator of the right crystal for you at this time. More often than not you feel a magnetic pull or sense a strong desire to touch or pick up a certain crystal when you see it. Being drawn to a particular crystal or stone is not all that different to those occasions when you have been attracted to a certain person with whom you have then formed a friendship and relationship. Often it is their physical appearance that first catches your attention; however, keep in mind that a crystal you are drawn to may not necessarily be attractive; all shiny and pretty. Indeed it may look very plain and ordinary. In fact, it is often the crystal’s energy vibration or magnetic energy that attracts you. Also, its innate healing properties induce you to choose it, rather than your attraction to its outward appearance.

Each crystal has its own innate personality and underlying character traits. And as we all know, we get along with and work better with certain personalities than we do with others. The more you learn about crystals and open yourself to their vibrational healing energies the more you will be attracted to certain crystals. As time goes on you will learn to trust this more often.

You could say that this leaves us with a question – Do you select your crystals, or do they select you? Or is crystal attraction perhaps a two-way street?

Discovering what this crystal may have to offer.

Now that this relationship has begun, you can confirm this by simply holding the crystal and feeling its energy. Sensitivity to energy or vibrations varies from person to person. But, all you have to really know is that if a stone feels right when you handle it, then there is more to it than just – attraction at first sight.  If it doesn’t feel right, leave it behind, it seems you’re not in sync and it is not right for you.

Further, you can discover what this stone has to offer and also what its talent or purpose is.  Often you can realize this, by simply holding it and commencing to bond with it.

Gifting a Crystal.

Sometimes a particular crystal gets your attention or opens up a conversation so to speak. It lets you know that it’s not for you, but for someone else. Or right from the beginning, you may feel a strong impulse to gift it to someone you know. Nature or universal force has a way of delivering the right crystal to heal and support you. Or as in this case, the one needed by someone you know.

For instance, while picking up and handling the crystal that caught your attention, your friend’s name or image will enter your thoughts and you intuitively know who it is meant for.  Magically, you have been recruited. Your role is to deliver this stone’s healing energies to this person.

If you are in a position to do it, follow through and make a gift of it to your friend. Simply tell your friend that the crystal made you think of them and you would like them to have it. It is the truth after all.

If you are intentionally selecting a crystal as a gift for a friend, simply hold their image and name in your mind. Now you can allow the magic of crystal attraction to come into play. You will find the most appropriate crystal for them will be the one you choose.

All of us at My Crystalaura do this all the time when we are filling your orders. Well, we work with your name at least, as we tune into divine guidance.


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