Creative Ways to Use Your Crystals.

Here are some creative ways to use your crystals.


* Thumbstones:

Small crystals of any variety that fit securely between your thumb and forefinger are fascinating. This is so because you can carry these around with you and almost “forget they are there”. Yet think about it: Whenever you shake someone’s hand or set the crystal down for a moment, people notice. And when they do, they are intrigued and when they are intrigued, they want to learn more. So the next time you see them, they’ll have their own crystal collection. Why not spread the goodness around?


* Tumblestones:

These small crystals can be used for divination purposes, done in a similar fashion to throwing Runes. Again, there are no rule books for how to use crystal tumbled stones. Each practitioner (or player; whatever you want to call yourself) creates his or her own system – by instinct. Make a game of it!



* Crystal Pendulums:

You can also use crystals as pendulums, as well as for divination purposes. These would of course be for getting answers to questions that require only a “yes” or “no” answer. As the pendulum can actually swing so many ways, you might have room for a “maybe”.




* Chakra Balancing and clearing with crystals:

If you carry your crystals in your pockets, you may be surprised to find that you will just seem to encounter people who need assistance of some sort. With your crystals at hand, you will be glad and well-prepared to give assistance. Or maybe you will encounter situations that are just a little “off-centre”. As an example, let’s say you walked into the office one day and encountered two co-workers arguing. You and your crystals could really help them work it all out – without their even knowing about it.

For the advanced practitioner, chakra balancing and clearing can be performed from a distance. Just so long as long as the focus and true intentions are in place. Simply see the people in your mind’s eye and quietly meditate on a peaceful resolution while charging up your crystal within your own body – then, release it to the people (either when you see them again, or, yet again, in your mind’s eye). Unlike a magic show – all of this can be done silently and privately. But still in view of everyone! Aren’t crystals great?


* Worry Stones:

Similar to thumb stones and tumbled stones, keep what you designate as your “worry stones” in your pockets. Or keep them nearby. This is important. Then every time you find yourself distressed in any way, you can then touch your worry crystals. Or you can move them around in your hand and release the anxiety, fear, tension, or negativity into the crystals. There is one important thing to remember, however. And that is, when you get home, or when you’ve “finished worrying”, make sure to clear, cleanse and recharge those worry stones. Their energy may deplete quickly. Therefore, they will be of no use to you the next time you have something to worry about!



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