The Myriad Colours of Crystals and Their Healing Properties.

Though it’s not a documented fact, it’s fairly safe to say that there are as many crystals as there are colours that represent them. Each type of crystal has its own lore. They also have innate healing assets that have been passed down from generation to generation. Similar to Chinese medicine shops that specialize in herbal mixtures for remedies of all kinds of ailments, crystals also have distinct yet delicate healing and enhancement facilities.

Wondering which crystal or colours of crystals to choose for a specific need? Listed below are several of the most widely used crystals, and the main purposes for their application:

Crystals and Colours of Crystals.

Amethyst – (purple/violet)

This crystal strengthens the endocrine and immune system, and it is also a powerful blood cleanser and energizer. In addition, it helps relieve mental distress and disorders and enhances psychic and channeling abilities. The Amethyst crystal is very calming, and therefore it’s an excellent crystal to use for meditation.

Aventurine – (sea-green/forest-green)

The Aventurine crystal purifies the “three bodies”. Namely, the mental, emotional, and etheric, or “aural” body. The etheric extends just outside what appears to be the “edges” of your physical body. It also aids in releasing anxiety and fear and thereby encourages independence.

Carnelian – (bright orange)

This lovely coloured crystal improves memory and alleviates sorrow and grief. It also increases courage and creativity while lessening anger, jealousy, and fear. Many people carry the Carnelian crystal for protection and good luck. Helpful hint: It can also assist you in finding the right mate!

Fluorite – (clear, light green, slate grey)

The properties of the Fluorite crystal are just what you probably already imagine: they strengthen your teeth and bones! They are known as the “health” crystals. Mainly because they are also very beneficial for keeping the blood vessels and the spleen clear of any toxins. Fluorite crystals also ground and “fling away” excess energy, so they are also excellent for the advancement of the mind, concentration, and meditation. For those of you interested in interplanetary communication, Fluorite will also keep you strong and healthy while connecting with interdimensional beings.

Clear Quartz – (milky white, clear)

The Clear Quartz crystal might be the most popular in certain circles, simply because of its pure simplicity. This wonderful crystal activates and enhances the pineal and pituitary glands. These regulate growth, so this crystal is recommended for children and adolescents, in particular. These crystals also serve as great emotional “balancers” while amplifying the thought process, making clairvoyance that much easier. Hang these crystals in front of a window to let the full spectrum of energy activate all your levels of consciousness, especially when you are feeling down – these crystals are pros at dispelling negative energy.

Lapis Lazuli – (topaz/blue)

Lapis Lazuli is very effective for use with the internal organs. Also use this crystal if you suffer from migraines, acid reflux or other digestive problems, or bloating. It also aids in spiritual development.

Hematite – (silver gray/dark gray)

Hematite has an extremely positive effect on the smooth flow of the bloodstream. It also removes toxins from and activates spleen activity, which filters blood and regulates the red blood cells with the white blood cells. Hematite is also used to relieve stress and strengthen the physical body. It has unique energizing properties, and it also enhances personal magnetism, which of course promotes optimism, courage, and all those good things!

Rose Quartz – (pink/rose)

This crystal is often found near the bedside as it is believed to increase fertility and ease sexual and emotional imbalances. Naturally, this clears away stored-up anger, resentment, guilt, fear, and jealousy. Have a hot temper, or a friend who flares up a little too much? Get a Rose Quartz crystal, by all means! “Everything sweet” is the perfect description for this crystal, which also promotes forgiveness, compassion, and love. No one should be without it!

Jasper – (light brown/spotted/flecked)

The Jasper crystal emits tremendous emotional and psychological healing, and it promotes harmony and balance. Some say it reveals hidden thoughts, hopes, and fears. It definitely enhances creative visualization, so have this one in hand while you’re meditating.

Moonstone – (cream/often bluish-green)

The Moonstone crystal is associated with love and protection. It also drums up extra intuition and psychic abilities.


Obsidian – (black/dark grey)

This shiny crystal is popular because it brings serenity and a sense of purity to those who either, carry, wear, or use it for healing purposes. Black Obsidian brings both positive and negative emotions to the surface, offering balance in times of change and transition.

Sodalite – (smoky blue/clear, dark blue)

This gorgeous crystal is also an inner-organ healer; it positively affects the pancreas and endocrine system. It has a way of balancing male/female, or yin/yang polarities in those who feel in need of ‘centering’. Sodalite is great for communication and creative expression. It also removes fear.

Tiger Eye – (brown/striped/tan/yellow)

This is another crystal many people carry around for health purposes: Tiger Eye crystals cover almost everything: the spleen, pancreas, intestines, and the colon. It is extremely grounding and centering. Have a stubborn friend? Slip one of these into his or her pocket as a token of love. Soon they’ll turn to you with a sudden, yet clear sense of perception and insight!

The colours of crystals appear in every shade and tone imaginable.


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