Choosing Or Finding The Right Crystal For You 


Choosing Or Finding The Right Crystal For You, as well as the Job at Hand.

Q. I find it confusing knowing which crystal to buy as there are so many that can be used to do the same job and some are very expensive, can you clarify this for me?   Sarah J. Gold Coast.

A. It can indeed be bewildering knowing just which crystal to use and which one is going to suit your purpose best. Paradoxically, this is also what is great about the choices of crystal available, and by following a few simple rules it becomes quite easy:


3 Rules for Choosing Or Finding The Right Crystal For You.

1) What do you want it to do?

2) What can you afford to pay?

3) Of those selected within these parameters, what is your favourite choice?

In both my personal and clinical experience I find having such a wide choice of crystals to be very beneficial as well as appealing to my senses and idiosyncrasies. Rather than going into specific crystal examples; comparing healing properties to the selection of stones that can be used, we might instead compare this to choosing a car.

As we know our primary purpose in having a car is to help us to get around; to provide transportation. Sometimes to purposefully get us from point A to point B and sometimes to just cruise around in and look and feel great. The main thing is that we have a car so we can get on with it and in the manner that best suits us.

Naturally, we all have different personalities, tastes and preferences and of course we all have different budgets. Naturally, all of this comes into play in our car selection and it is the same with crystals.




Some of us just want something that will get on with the job, solid and reliable, that doesn’t cost too much. Some can only afford a budget vehicle. Others want speed while some want speed with style, and some even want speed, style and comfort. For some it’s a dependable workhorse and for others it’s a classy upmarket workhorse. Some of us like sports cars and some of us like luxury limousines.

We could keep going here, but I hope you are getting the picture. Any of these will fulfil the primary function of transportation. The rest depends on our budget, personality and the functionality we are looking for.

When there are several providing the same functionality and within the same price range, it simply comes down to choosing the one that has the most personal appeal at the time. And in reality, it is no good looking at a Rolls Royce if you can only afford a Volkswagen. The same as it is foolish to be looking for a Ferrari if you need a family car. Conversely, why settle for a run of the mill vehicle if you can afford the pleasure of the best.



Choosing Or Finding The Right Crystal is easy when you follow the 3 simple rules.

1) What do you want it to do? 2) What can you afford to pay? 3) Of those selected within these parameters, what is your favourite choice?


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