Can crystals change your life? This is Charmaine’s Story.


Have you ever wondered; can crystals change your life?

A captivating young woman with a big broad smile approached and said hello. “Remember me, I’m Charmaine’, she said. We met about eight months ago when you were giving a talk about crystals. You may recall that you gave me some time even though I was questioning what you were saying at the time”.

It took a moment to recognise her, and then I answered “no, you are nothing like the person I met back then. What have you been up to” I asked.

In essence, this is her story, as she related it.

Charmaine’s Story and Answer to the Question Can Crystals Change Your Life?

Back then, I was sad and lonely, very negative, and you could even say depressed. Nothing seemed to be going right and I was at my wit’s end. I was only there at your talk because a work colleague had dragged me along. Something in what you said must have struck a chord though. Because I found myself seriously wondering; can crystals change your life? And if so, could they work for me?

Luckily, I actually took in and remembered quite a bit of what you said, so I decided to take some action.

One of the key things I remembered you said, was that everything is energy. Also, by making energy your friend, it will help you to stay on the positive side of the law of attraction.

You said that crystals could influence our energy field and lift us to a higher and more beneficial frequency. Also, they could act as a catalyst for positive change. All that didn’t mean much to me at the time.

You said that self-talk, what we say and think to ourselves all the time sets the vibration for our life. You may also recall talking with my friend and advising her to look up Zig Ziglar’s 30 Qualities for Success. Well, I did that also. (Zig’s 30 Qualities for Success are included at the end).

Nothing seemed to be happening so, after a few days I gave up. I tried again with the same result. What a waste of time.

When you spoke with me back then you suggested some crystals for me. At the time nothing could be more foreign to me. But something kept niggling away at me. While I couldn’t actually remember what they were, I got onto your website.

These are the crystals that I chose.

To this day, I don’t know why, but I brought a few crystals. And now I know that crystals can change your life. In fact, they are now my friends and key influencers of my character.

Clear Quartz for energy.

One of them was a Clear Quartz point. It is now a constant companion. It boosts my energy, allows me to think clearly, and gives me loads of confidence. This became clear in the early days before I had it with me all the time. At these times, I limped along, feeling depressed and my self-talk was quite negative.

Because I felt better when I had it with me, I began reciting Ziglar’s list in front of my bedroom mirror each day. I noticed on the days when I held my crystal in my hand the words affected me on a more personal level. It was like my crystal was making me take full notice, not just of the word, but what it really meant.

Let me make it clear. I believe without the energetic support I felt from my Quartz point, I would not have stuck to it. It actually took me 90 days to feel like these qualities belonged to me.

Rose Quartz Heart
Rose Quartz for love.

I also purchased a Rose Quartz heart. I keep it in my handbag by day and under my pillow at night. Actually, I keep all three of my crystals under my pillow at night. I must admit that I didn’t notice any difference in my attitude, feelings, or anything for that matter for several weeks. Then one morning I woke up and I can’t explain it, but I felt different.

Since that morning, I have had a feeling that all is right with the world. Please, don’t misunderstand me when I say I’m in love with the world and everything in it. And please don’t read more into it than what it is when I say I’m totally in love with myself!

Remember, it was you who said “You can’t give away anything you don’t have yourself”.

It also seems to me that love is a prime energy and nothing can function without it. As far as I’m concerned, my Rose Quartz heart keeps me in touch with it.

Amethyst for centred calmness and peacefulness.

One of the other things I picked up on that you said was that you needed to keep your energy under control in a positive way. For this, I chose an Amethyst tumbled stone and I put it in one of those cage thingies. I wear it by day and it stays under my pillow at night. I don’t like having anything around my neck while I’m asleep.

It has definitely helped me to find my way and to understanding myself. I sense that I am becoming more spiritual and open to things. I definitely feel more peaceful, grounded, and in touch with the way things really are.

You asked me what I have been up to.

With the help of these crystals along with claiming the qualities for success, I have been allowing myself to become a better version of myself. And most importantly… I like my new self. What do you think?

Can Crystals Change Your Life? Charmaine says Yes!

Charmaine’s story positively suggests that YES, they can, and in a very positive manner.


30 Qualities for Success

Zig Ziglar

Honesty, Humour, Friendliness, Confidence, Integrity, Persistence, Humility, Goal Setter, Decisive, Hard Worker, Learner, Positive Mental Attitude, Compassionate, Disciplined, Dedicated, Faithful, Dependable, Knowledgeable, Communicator, Loving, Enthusiastic, Motivated, Patient, Loyal, Organized, Good Listener, Empathetic, Self-Respect, Common Sense, and Character.

Go ahead now. Look yourself in the mirror and claim these qualities!

Do it for several weeks and you’ll notice a change in your life.


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