Buying Crystals. Should I Buy My Own Crystals?

Ever since we started selling crystals people have been asking us about buying crystals. In particular, many ask, “should I buy my own crystals?” They might also ask something like: “I have been told that somebody else needs to buy my crystals for me, for them to work.” Or, “I shouldn’t buy my own because it’s bad luck to do so.” Is this true?

Well, obviously it is not!

As a crystal healer, I would still be waiting to build up my arsenal of healing crystals if I was dependent on people giving them to me. Well, I’d have one, but that’s all I’d have after all these years. I can also assure you, they work well, even though no one else gifted them to me. And I am quite positive they haven’t attracted any bad luck as a result of this.

I don’t know where these myths came from. They probably started with somebody who was jealous. Or because somebody had stones they didn’t have, or whatever it was.

But the real truth is that by waiting for someone else to give us the crystals we need, we would wait a long time.

When you feel drawn to and want a particular crystal, then buy it. Obviously, it was meant to be yours. Follow that strong urge. Just get it, but don’t wait for someone else to give it to you. But if someone does, that is a real bonus. More often than not, they are very special crystals you can treasure.

Can I Buy Online?

Another common question is, “do I need to shop personally or can I buy online?” As both a purchaser and a seller, I can confirm it makes no difference in how the crystal will work for you. The properties of the crystals remain the same.

A great selection of quality healing crystals is available in-store.





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