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Bronzite Meaning – General Information and History.

Bronzite belongs to the Pyroxene mineral group and was first described back in 1906 by W. Wahl. Bronzite most notably appears in a deep bronze colour, and occasionally dotted throughout with tiny Pyrite speckles. It can appear quite ordinary when not polished. However, it is amongst the more beautiful stones when tumbled, often displaying chatoyancy and bright golden flecks. It has a metallic lustre when polished and a Moh’s hardness of 5.5 -6. Easy to cut and polish and makes quite attractive jewellery items.

Little is known about its history. However, the Romans used powdered Bronzite for protection against confusion and mental illness. It was also employed during medieval times to fortify the nerves.


Bronzite Meaning – Metaphysical Benefits.

Bronzite is known as The Stone of Courtesy. This is primarily due to its energies of promoting love, equality, and protection, and its ability to instil politeness. Most people experience its energy as warm, charming, inviting, and rich. Furthermore, it radiates goodwill, calm, forgiveness, tolerance, and neighbourliness. Bronzite conveys success, enthusiasm, happiness, and power.

It will help to deliver drive, determination, focus, and control back into your life. It helps you to get back on track and stay focused on what’s most important.  Bronzite instills courage from deep within to stand up for yourself. Moreover, it keeps you grounded and comfortable in situations that would normally cause you anxiety and distress. Bronzite is also useful for increasing self-esteem, dispelling negativity, enhancing creativity, and promoting decision-making. With its qualities, it is also a useful meditation aid.


Bronzite Meaning – Healing.

Bronzite transmits powerful and beneficial healing energies. It assists the immune system and digestive systems. It balances the acidity and alkalinity in your body. Helps purify the blood and fortify your nerves. Assists in the assimilation of both iron and magnesium. Helpful for healing trauma, depression, and anxiety. Useful for relieving pains associated with cramps. It may assist in the treatment of allergies and skin diseases. Prevents and helps to get rid of ulcers on the organs. There is a belief that it will also ease the symptoms of aging. It can also improve the supply of oxygen to the brain. As an elixir, Bronzite is helpful in relieving spasms and breathing problems.


Tips for Using Bronzite.

  • Carry or wear Bronzite when trying new things or opportunities.
  • Wear Bronzite jewellery to help alleviate nervous energy when you’re in new situations.
  • Holding Bronzite may also be helpful if you are feeling stressed or anxious.
  • Carry Bronzite in your purse or pocket to give you the confidence to stand up to unreasonable or demanding people who are trying to interfere in your life.
  • Hold onto a piece of Bronzite to overcome feeling worn out or fatigued, and when you are simply lacking energy.
  • Make a Brozite elixir to aid in the assimilation of iron and magnesium.
  • Handling Bronzite makes you feel more akin to others and more tolerant.
  • Sit with Bronzite as it is excellent as a grounding meditation stone.
  • Keep Bronzite in your pocket or purse to help overcome confidence or self-esteem issues.


Bronzite meaning
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