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Better Holidays and Safe Travels with Crystals 

Better Holidays and Safe Travels with Crystals. Crystals for a better and safer holiday during the Festive Season. Holidays might be stressful; however better holidays may be enjoyed by focusing on positive aspects, rather than negative ones. This holiday season you...

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When You Need Grounding and/or Protection

When You Need Grounding and/or Protection – Tips for Using Crystals Grounding and/or protection is as close as using a few crystals. Feeling spaced out? Wandering around in a dreamlike state? Off with the Pixies? You probably need grounding and/or protection. One of...

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The power of our mind to adapt to the unconventional.

The power of our mind to adapt. This little exercise is not new, it has been around for many years, but it is an impressive example of how our minds can quickly adapt and make sense out of what at first glance appears as gibberish. Not at all that dissimilar to how we...

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What crystal are you? Your answer provides insights.

What crystal are you? Do you like playing games? Especially games of insight? The other day Sue and I were sitting on our front veranda having a break, enjoying a cuppa and the morning sun. Out of nowhere this thought popped into my head. “If you were a Crystal, what...

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Crystals for Children. Healing Crystals

Crystals for Children Crystals for Children - Children – you’ve gotta love em! They really can teach us so much. We should be putting aside our preconceptions and prejudices and watching and learning from this generation; they have a lot to teach us. Now of course...

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