Benefiting from Crystals at Home and Work


Benefiting from crystals can be as simple as placing them around your home and workplace. These can be casually located around the place, or perhaps you might also choose to place them on your desk. Also, you could create a personal sacred or special place just for you and your crystals.

Creating an extraordinary life-enhancing space where you can work and play with your crystals is beneficial and fun. This same space is also favourable for meditation. The location for this space may be a desk at work or home, maybe a room, or your entire home. And moreover, it may be temporary or permanent.


Here is how you can go about creating your special space.

Begin by taking some time to clear out any unwanted clutter. Remove old newspapers and magazines as well as any unwanted, broken, or unloved items. Furthermore, this is your golden opportunity to discard those bits and pieces and junk you have been hoarding that no longer serve you.

Now get in and clean the space thoroughly. Sweep, dust, and wash as necessary. Open all the windows and air the place.

Make a list of all the aspects of your life that are important to you. For example, your relationship, your friendships, your creativity, your career, your health, and so on. Select the crystals that represent these aspects and that will provide the benefits you desire. Your focus might be on what you would like to change in your life. As an example, you might choose Kyanite to help you stay true to your purpose. Maybe Jade to help you stay focused on your goals. Or perhaps you might choose Ruby if you desire more passion in a relationship.

Put these crystals around the place as you see fit and where they feel comfortable, remembering this is your space.

Choose some relaxing music, light candles, and incense if you wish. Then simply sit quietly in your special space for a while.

Benefiting from Crystals

Crystals for Your Special Space.

Here’s a list of a few crystals that work well together that you could consider for your special space. Benefiting from crystals starts with placing them into your environment and continues while they stay in place.

  • Amethyst if you want more peace, calm, and harmony in your place. This along with a relaxing atmosphere also makes you feel at home.
  • Clear Quartz to bring positive energy into your space.
  • Rose Quartz allows more love to flow into your life and environment.
  • Citrine encourages fun, happiness, and abundance.
  • Agate to harmonize the yin and yang forces and also supply physical, emotional, and intellectual balance and inner stability.

Black Agate Pyramid
Rose Quartz






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First presented in our March 2012 Newsletter and revised in Sep 2022 for inclusion here.


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