Using crystals to simulate a beach holiday or a holiday break.

Often after we have been on a beach holiday or returned from a break I talk about the need for grounding; Walking barefoot on the beach or through a park and breathing in lots of fresh, energizing air; Just taking it easy and relaxing for a while; Taking a dip in the ocean. These are all great ways of discharging pent up negative charge and energy imbalance. We can mimic or imitate this by using crystals to simulate a beach holiday and get some grounding.

It isn’t always possible to get away when we want or when it’s needed. So here’s an easy to do replacement that can often be done at home, without the need to have an actual beach holiday. You will need to set aside a period of time when your phone is turned off and you are free of distractions as you are giving this gift of regeneration to yourself.

Visit your Local Park or Gardens.

Go to a local park or gardens and slip off your shoes. Take a few deep breaths. Now walk around on the grass and do your best to do this in a carefree and relaxed manner. This is not meant to be a physical exercise session. So just stroll around and take in the flowers so to speak. Before you leave on your walk, pick up a couple of your favourite Clear Quartz crystal points and carry these on your walk. I prefer larger points of about 7 to 10 centimetres in length. If your right hand is dominant, you will improve your energy flow if you have the left-hand point pointing up your arm and your right pointing down your fingers. Reverse for left-hand domination.

You can carry tumbled stones if you don’t have Clear Quartz points. If while you are there you can hug a tree, or sit with your back against it for a while, then so much the better. The energy shared from a tree is really quite amazing; a few minutes contact can make an incredible difference in your energy and the way you feel. Thirty minutes of barefooted contact with Mother Earth would be an ideal time for this exercise, but spend what you can. In the end, you should feel revitalized and well-grounded.

Should you find it difficult to get to a park or gardens, walk on your lawn. Or if space is really tight, you could sit on any piece of natural ground. Be sure to keep your bare feet planted on the ground. You can sit on a chair if you need to. It’s the energy transfer and grounding through your feet that is the important part of the exercise.

A Saltwater Bath.

Now head back home and draw a comfortably hot bath. Add salt (Sea salt and Himalayan rock salt are your best options) until it tastes like the ocean. Depending on the size of your bath, this will be around 3 to 5 cups. Salt is one of the best cleansing and grounding crystals. Saltwater is also good for balancing the skin’s PH. Put the Clear Quartz you took on your walk in the bath and add any others you believe you could benefit from. Of course, be certain of their suitability for immersion in your bath.

Do not add any soap, bubble bath, or oils to your crystal salt bath. Add any other accompaniments that can complement your enjoyment, maybe music, or candles, or aromatherapy. Hop in and luxuriate for about twenty minutes or for whatever time you can afford. If you don’t want to put the crystals in the water with you, you can place them around the ledge on the top of the bath. Preferably, do not shower off. But it’s a good idea to pat yourself dry with a soft towel.

It’s a good idea to rest for some time after your bath and sip some herbal tea or mineral water infused with the energy of one of your favourite crystals also.

If you don’t have a bath, get a tub or a large bucket or bowl and have a saltwater foot bath with your crystals.

Of course, this could be a regular personal gift of regeneration and not just a beach holiday simulation exercise.



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