A Special Gift


Buying the Perfect Gift

A car was rolling up the driveway. We weren’t expecting any visitors and we didn’t have any appointments booked in until later in the day. Probably evangelists wanting to gather us into their flock, I thought as the car drew closer. But this thought was soon dismissed as there was only one occupant.

An elegant-looking woman in her late fifties got out and greeted me in a confident and friendly manner.  She apologised for having arrived, unannounced and declared that she needed my help. A mutual friend had told her that I should be able to help her with her problem.

She said that a lifelong friend of hers would soon be celebrating her sixtieth birthday and she wanted to give her something special. She was looking out for the perfect gift for her friend. Her friend was one of those people who have everything, which was making it very hard for her to get hold of something suitable. And she wanted something special  – something really unique and different.


We retired to the veranda and I offered a cup of tea.

During our chat, we acknowledged that the greatest gift we can give – is the gift of our self and to share the love we have to give. Putting this into a gift can be a tall order indeed. And especially so, as she was looking for a tangible gift that could express how special she thought her friend to be.

A gift with great energy.

What she was looking for is a gift of great energy. A gift that would express an energy that could be shared and enhance the best traits of its recipient. That could convey its uniqueness, something that could capture nature in all of its beauty and reveal it for all to see.  And importantly for this special gift – something that no one else could duplicate.

I said to her quite earnestly she was in the right place. I immediately told her that any of the crystals that we sold, or any crystal for that matter would fit the bill perfectly. It was just a matter of how much she wanted to pay, what type of crystal, and how large she wanted it to be.

We spent a little more time discussing her friend, trying to determine what crystal might best match her personality and makeup. While we were doing this I was showing her a variety of different crystals. As soon as she saw our Snow and Clear Quartz cluster, she declared that it would be perfect.

She became amazed as she got closer to the piece as she could feel the loving energy emanating from it. She revealed that her friend loved spending time in the mountains, especially in winter in the snow. This would be a perfect gift!

This piece was not for sale. We could, however, shop around and find something similar or very close to what she was looking for.

A few weeks later, her friend acknowledged the gift to be perfect, a superior gift indeed!


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