A Crystal Gift For Baby. A special gift of love.


A Crystal Gift For Baby – 3 Crystals Bringing Love, Protection, and Spiritual Growth.


The energetic influence of these 3 crystals (A Crystal Gift For Baby) is like placing your child in the warmth and love of a parental embrace. Much of the feelings of safety and future character of your baby are influenced by its close contact with its parents. Especially a mother’s hug and the watchful and protective eye of a father.

The same is true for the environment and the positive influence of loving, caring, and protective vibes that crystals can provide.

Amethyst, Rose Quartz, and Selenite each bring their own energetic influence. However, when combined they create an air of protective love that helps to establish a safe, loving and encouraging environment.


A Crystal Gift For Baby

Amethyst is a very spiritual and calming stone with outstanding healing properties. Placed in the baby’s room, the baby will sleep under its gentle influence. It not only helps with getting to sleep and staying asleep but also provides protection from nightmares.

A natural stress reliever, it also clears negative energy and brings peace, stability, courage, as well as inner strength to your child. Amethyst balances emotional highs and lows, and encourages honesty and self-control.


A Crystal Gift For Baby
Rose Quartz.

Rose Quartz radiates gentle, loving, and reassuring energy. Energetically it is the perfect crystal to surround a baby with love. Placing it in the baby’s room creates a sense of love and security for little ones. In addition, it has a reassuring effect on babies who at times feel anxious and insecure.

A crystal of unconditional love, Rose Quartz conveys a soft energy of compassion, peace, nourishment, comfort, tenderness, and healing. It provides a deep sense of personal realisation and contentment, furthering your child’s capacity to give and also receive love from others.


A Crystal Gift For Baby

Selenite has a very peaceful energy that brings stillness and calm to a baby’s room. It has a soft vibration putting your child in touch with Angelic guidance and connection. It is also a protective stone, and particularly good at keeping negative influences at bay. This makes Selenite a marvellous choice for protecting your baby’s nursery.

Its powerful and nurturing energy makes Selenite a charming choice for babies and children. Selenite is a stone of balance and stability and well known for its power to clear blockages in energy fields.


PostScript. The Perfect Gift.

This article came about because we were invited to our great-nephew’s christening. We wanted to come up with a gift that represented who we are, but most importantly was special for him. When you think about a gift that can have a long-lasting influence for good, it’s natural to be led to loving and harmonious crystals. Our choice was made easier because his parents are also into crystals and understand their powers for good. We chose Amethyst, Rose Quartz, and Selenite for our Crystal Gift For Baby, for the reasons mentioned above, and decided to share the information with you.

After we thought about the choices available and set a rough budget, we chose an Amethyst cluster, a chunk of Rose Quartz, and a small Selenite tower. As we tuned into what we wanted to put together, this selection seemed to suit best. However, you could just as easily choose pyramids, eggs, balls, or flat stones. Maybe even polished freeform stones or carved shapes.

To finish the gift and make it presentable, we purchased a suitably sized gift box to hold the crystals. We also printed out the information and arranged it so it would fold into a four-page booklet. Baby’s First Crystals on page one, and a crystal on each of the following pages. You could more easily print it as is, onto a single sheet of paper.* Maybe even laminate it if you would also like it to appear more substantial.

Part of the charm of this gift is its versatility. It could be for either a boy or a girl, a birthday, a christening, or a baptism, in fact, any time a gift of your love is needed.


Size does matter.

As this is a gift for a baby or a young child, please consider the choking potential of the stones you select. Ideally, they should be of a size that won’t enter a child’s mouth.

For many reasons, including budget considerations, you may prefer using tumbled stones. If you do, be sure to stress that they should be kept in a safe place, well away from the reaching hands of a young child.


A Novel Idea.

A grandmother we know found a perfect way to use tumbled stones and also create a very special gift. She purchased a stuffed teddy bear to hold her selected crystals and tested it for toughness and the strength of its seams. She then opened it up, placed the crystals inside, right in the middle, and stitched it up. Now satisfied with its strength she was happy with her gift. Not only would the child be comforted by the crystals gifts, but also by the comfort of a special teddy. She also made sure the parents knew about the inclusion of crystals inside the teddy.


*(Our permission to print is conditional upon it being for inclusion with your personal gift and not for mass reproduction or commercial use).


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