Smudge Stick – White Sage – Medium


White Sage Smudge Stick. 

Medium size.

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Smudge Stick.

Smudge Stick – Medium. White Sage Smudge.

How to Smudge using White Sage  – With this simple and easy smudging exercise we show you how to light a smudge stick and loose leaf and how to perform a basic smudging ritual for cleansing your aura and your crystals.

The sacred smoke of sage has been used by the native people of North and South America. Their culture believes the burning of sage prevents any evil influences. Burning of white sage smudge can be done as an everyday event to purify and cleanse your body, office or home to get rid of negative energies. The white sage stick should be ignited at one end and then the embers gently blown on to create smoke. The smoke may be dispersed by waving it about with your hand, or a feather or fan. Move the stick in a counter clockwise circle around your home. After use, extinguish the embers in sand and store in a dry place for future use.

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