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24-piece Crystal Runes set for divination and meditation.
Comes with a carry bag and a Runes Guide
with the meaning of each Rune.

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Runes – complete 24 Crystal Rune set for use in divination and for meditation. It also comes with a carry and/or selection bag and Guide with the meaning of each Rune.

Product may vary in appearance from illustration.

What are Runes?

They are an ancient writing system that contains characters just as our modern alphabet does. As well as an idea, each rune also represents a sound, and thus runes are a means for spelling words. Just as the alphabet is known for its first two primary characters, so is the rune row understood because the “Futhark” comes from the first six runes. Originally they were generally made up of straight lines, thereby making them easy to carve.

The meaning of each rune is described in the supplied guide.

Why use a set of runes?

A set of runes is useful when studying an individual rune or for meditation purposes.

However, most people nowadays use them for divination. One or more runes are often picked blind and ‘at random’ from a bag. Or they can be sprinkled on a surface. The runes picked or falling on the surface in a particular way are then interpreted as having some meaning pertaining to things or the question at hand. This form of divination is somewhat common and relies on the effect that Jung called “synchronicity”, a contemporary-sounding concept that has much in common with what the original users of runes would have called Wyrd.


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