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Quartz Cluster
approx 4 cm x 4 cm

Clear Quartz is excellent to have sitting in your personal environment. Clusters radiate immense amounts of positive energy from their many points.


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Clear Quartz Cluster 1 

Clear Quartz Cluster 1 approx 4 cm x 4 cm .

Quartz Clusters radiate immense amounts of energy owing to their many points. They also absorb the negative energy around them.

Each point on the cluster beams positivity out into your environment. They enhance feelings of harmony and joy within your space and help the energy of their environment remain balanced and positive. These crystals are also among the best crystals to clear and clean the energy of a room as well as the energy of other crystals. They help to remove energy blockages and negative energy and to purify the energy of their environment. You can also use a Quartz cluster to cleanse the energy of other crystals. Just place the other crystals with it overnight.

Clear Quartz Crystal can be programmed with your intention and charged with a specific energy. It will hold onto your specific thought, energy or intention, constantly put it out into the universe. This makes it a very powerful crystal for manifestation.


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