For all those born in the month of October, your Birthstone is Opal.

Opal is a hardened silica gel, containing between 4 -21% water by weight. Therefore it is non-crystalline, unlike most other gemstones.  There are

two varieties; precious opal, which shows flashes or plays of colour or iridescence, and there is common opal which is often opaque and displays no iridescence. When common opal is found in association with precious opal it is known as potch. Opals occur in a great range of colours and varieties. It is amorphous in structure, (without form) with a trigonal crystal structure and has a chemical composition of SiO2.nH2O.

Opal is a stone of inspiration which enhances the imagination and creativity. It helps you release inhibitions and enhances the memory. It is also said to be a very spiritual stone, and can help you be “invisible” in situations where you don’t care to be noticed. It has been known to bring happy dreams, and also to ease the process of change.

Opal is a silicate containing water and correlates with the emotions; it clarifies by amplifying and mirroring feelings, buried emotions, desires (including love and passion). With this comes less inhibition, more spontaneity, free visualization, clearer imagination, and more vivid dreams.

The opal has developed a myth as a stone of sorrow, misfortune and bad luck. This though is a modern and false idea.  In fact Opal has a reputation for bringing good luck and fortune. The opal contains all of the colours as well as all of the qualities of all other stones and as such, may be programmed or dedicated for many purposes as required.

Use to facilitate astral projection as well as for protection. Opals are used to recall past incarnations, and are favoured by many to develop psychic and mystical powers.

Wearing opal will bring your inner beauty to the surface, and is said to bring loyalty, faithfulness and spontaneity. It encourages putting out positive emotions.

Opal is known to strengthen the will to live.  It is linked to the heart and is said to stimulate the glands and regulate the metabolism. Treats infections, fevers and strengthens the memory. It is beneficial to the eyes. Opal has a favourable effect on the human psyche, pouring a warm healing energy on broken hearts and restoring harmony.


© Ron and Sue Windred.
Disclaimer: The outlined metaphysical and healing properties in this website are for inspiration and reference. We gather this information and alleged properties from writings, books, folklore and various other sources. They are also dependent upon the attitude and beliefs of the individual. Furthermore they do not replace diagnosis or treatment by a qualified therapist or physician.

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