Chakra Balancing with Crystals

First of all “What are Chakras”?

Keeping it very simple for now, Chakras are energy centers likened to spinning wheels or vortexes of energy that are located along and around our body. Traditional teaching has acknowledged seven main chakras and these are the ones we will work with for our chakra balance. These seven are:

Base – located at the base of the spine.

Sacral – located just below the navel.

Solar Plexus – located between the navel and the heart.

Heart – located over the heart in the center of the chest.

Throat – located at the base of the neck.

Third Eye – located on the forehead just above and between the eyes.

Crown – located on top of the head.

When all of our chakras are properly balanced and working well, we are in perfect balance and this is reflected in our health, our demeanor, our energy and our disposition. This can be achieved using many methods, a crystal chakra balance being one of them.

You can do it on yourself or have a crystal healer do it for you, either way it is great to have your chakras balanced regularly.

A lot of people when they start on their spiritual path concentrate on the third eye and crown chakra. These are the upper or spiritual chakras and while this is good, we also need to remember the bottom chakras. Your body is like a tall building if you don’t get the foundation right it will topple over. We need to have a solid foundation, meaning we need to be grounded and have solid and well balanced bottom or physical chakras, especially the base chakra.

There are many different crystals you can use for chakra balancing, I regularly use; hematite –base, carnelian – sacral, citrine – solar plexus, green aventurine or rose quartz – heart, blue lace agate – throat, amethyst – third eye and clear quartz – crown.

These aren’t the only ones, as a general rule of thumb you can follow the colours of the chakras: red for the base, orange for the sacral, yellow for the solar plexus, green or pink for the heart, blue for the throat, purple for the third eye and clear or white for the crown.  Using this method you can choose the crystal that resonates with you best, I often use Lapis Lazuli for the third eye instead of amethyst and use the amethyst at the crown instead of clear quartz. You can also do a chakra balance using all calcite in its various colours.

A very simple self balance can be done using a clear quartz crystal placed at each chakra. Just find a comfortable place to lie down, and place a crystal at each chakra. For the crown, just lay it on the surface next to your hair.

Or try this very effective variation; Place a piece of coloured material, preferably of a natural fabric on each chakra matching their colours (we use an approximately 10cm felt square). Then place a clear quartz crystal upon the material. Stay there for about 20 – 30 minutes and just relax, or enhance the process by listening to a chakra balancing CD. 

If you prefer you can use colour coordinated crystals for your chakra balance.

Chakras and their meanings.

Base – survival, health, abundance, connection to the earth, moving forward in life.
Sacral – creativity, energy and connection to other people.
Solar Plexus – personal power, emotions, physical centre.
Heart – trust, safety, adventure and love.
Throat – communication and self expression.
Brow – ideas, thoughts, mind, dreams and psychic abilities.
Crown – spirituality, connection to the universe, imagination and awareness.

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