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Weight Control Guided Meditations

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Mind Medicine

For Healthy Mind, Body and Spirit.

Weight Control


MIND MEDICINE is easy, relaxing and effective.

You can use your mind and creative thinking to enhance your body’s natural healing powers, stabilize body image and weight issues.

Use MIND MEDICINE to feel more control of your health and healing. This unique blend of vocal imagery, soothing music, powerful trance inducing frequencies and subliminal positive suggestion creates a simple but powerful “tool” to help you use YOUR MIND to be the most effective healing medicine for you.

Conditions that may be helped by meditation:

Weight loss


Eating Disorders

Normalising body weight issues

Self Esteem

Music composed and directed by David Sandercock B, Mus, (Hons), L Mus.

Vocals by Mary Rodwell RN, counsellor and hypnotherapist.


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