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Healing Tuition and Classes

Ron and Sue Windred have been practicing and teaching at their Healing and Teaching Centre “Akasha Keep” since 2002 and draw upon their vast knowledge and experience to impart a deep understanding and personal experience to students. All classes or instruction are delivered in clear and easy to understand format. All of the products sold via MyCrystalAura are also available to students on class days.

Classes, Tuition or Instruction
These days most of our courses are conducted on an individual or couple basis by private tuition. Groups are still encouraged and invited to make arrangements for classes. We are also happy to provide tuition at your chosen location, subject to arrangements.
All of your learning is directed toward your personal and spiritual development and healing. You will also have the knowledge and skill to be able to share this with and assist family and friends.

Crystals – One Day Workshop built around the concept of Living With Crystals.
Crystal healing energies encourage wellbeing of mind, body and spirit, while promoting balance and transformation. Crystals activate the healing energy that lies within us and assist us in knowing our true essence.

Meditation – Learning to meditate is a very worthwhile experience that gives you the leading edge in the conduct of your life.
Meditation provides for deep relaxation, stress relief and a calmer mind. It summons a deep calm that supports and allows you to delve deeper into self-understanding, self-realisation and spirituality.

Reiki – Reiki is a simple, safe and natural method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can use. It treats the whole person – body, mind and spirit.
Reiki is a healing technique that channels healing energy to activate the natural healing processes of the patient to restore physical and emotional well-being.


Crystal Workshop - One Day Workshop

Living With Crystals Private Tuition    

De-Stress and Improve the Quality Of Your Life Using Crystals…


Learn The Ways To Better Health, Vitality and Energy and Stress Free Living.

Want to learn how to live and enjoy a better life?

A life that’s full of love, energy and healthy vitality. ‘Living Better’ and creating the dynamic life you want to live?
The beneficial energy of crystals really can bring about a new and zestful vitality for you and help create the energy in your home that makes it a real joy to live in!!!

Living With Crystals Workshop...A Personalised Workshop

A practical one day class/workshop exploring and discovering the benefits and magic that is available to us through the use of crystals in our daily lives and environments. 

We will de-mystify and simplify the everyday use of crystals to help you relax, to improve your health and energy levels and to enhance and protect the energy of your personal environments.

Presented by us, Ron and Sue Windred from right here at MyCrystalaura

Full address details are provided with your booking. 

Private tuition fee is $627.  In return for full payment with your booking we will gift you a $50.00 bonus voucher to spend on any crystals of your choice at the end of the class.







AUD $570.00 inc. GST

Meditation Class, Brisbane



You can learn to meditate and then experience and enjoy the many benefits of its practice. 
Private tuition available by arrangement at Akasha Keep, Lowood Qld. Learn in one day, $627.
100% money back guarantee

Summary of the main reasons for learning to meditate:

It is the fastest, easiest and most efficient way I know to:

Ø Fast track your way to greater personal growth and development.

Ø Gain understanding and experience of your own spiritual journey.

Ø Get to know your True Self.

Ø Relieve and deal with the stresses of modern day living.

Ø Be more profitable and productive in your life and your business.

Ø Experience more of the good things in life.

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AUD $570.00 inc. GST

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