Do crystals have a life of their own?

Are Crystals Alive?

Many times over the years as I have attended crystal courses and workshops and within much of the literature I have read, questions have been postulated. Things like “do crystals have a sex life?” “Can they communicate with us?” “Do they have a personality?” “Can they move location?” The answers to these questions will largely have to remain a matter of speculation, however if the question is “are they alive?” or “do they emanate energies?”, then from my point of view I will have to answer in the affirmative.

My view was further supported the other day as I was listening to the radio and tuned into a most fascinating conversation with The Rock Doctor, Dr John Jackson. As he is a geologist of some repute, I was most fascinated with what he had to say.

Here was a recognized scientist saying that rocks are living entities, that they have a life force. That this could be supported because “at the molecular level their atoms have a nucleus and an electron, and therefore energy and where there is energy there is life”.

Further, that just as different animal species taste different, so too do different rocks. I was amazed to hear him say that much could be learned about the differences in rocks by licking or tasting them. That you could also sense whether a rock was from a fast or slow area, which helped determine its vibration, which helped determine its properties. And of course its taste had a lot to do with its mineral content and structure.

He lives on the edge of an extinct volcano in Queensland, this area chosen because of all it has to offer him in his chosen pursuit of knowledge and love of rocks. As he said volcanoes are our friends, even though many of us hold ancient fears of them, as they deliver many new rocks and play a very big role in the creation of our geography.

There was a lot of conversation about our Earth’s mantle and the uniqueness of our planet in the solar system and other important geographical stuff. This was all very interesting, but the part I was paying attention to was about the life force and energy of rocks and stones.

I really don’t remember if this was a part of his conversation or whether it is something I am adding, but thanks to modern science and its instruments, we now know that the Earth has its own unique vibration and pulse, called its heartbeat. This says that the planet is alive, therefore all that is part of it, like rocks for example, must be alive also!

I was amazed, but I shouldn’t have been, at the synchronicity of this. You see just days before I had been planning to write about whether stones had a life force or not, because many people were overlooking the wonderful benefits that crystals, rocks, stones, call them what you will, and are capable of bringing into their lives.  This was mainly due to the fact that we are taught in school that rocks are inanimate objects, where the more appropriate teaching would be that they are inert. So how from that point of view, could a rock possibly add anything, other than a utilitarian use, to our lives?

Overlooked in this equation is the energy that is available from them because of their atomic structure, and remember where there is energy there is life. Alongside this are the benefits accruing from their mineral content.

Also many acquaintances that followed geological pursuits, even though they loved to collect them, did so only for their appearance, rarity, or for completion of their collection, or to cut and facet, but rarely for their energy or vibrational properties.

As a seller of crystals and a crystal therapist I know there is so much more to this story and you reading this will probably understand and agree. ? My reason for relating this is that it appears more people of influence are speaking out against the trend of an inanimate and lifeless planet and speaking up for an Earth and all upon it as being vibrant, alive and with much to offer.

According to standard teaching, the whole mineral kingdom is inanimate. And they have taken inanimate (in this case meaning without animation or inert) to mean without energy or any sort of semblance of life and that’s why many can’t come to grips with why or how crystals can heal!

Whereas to me it is really amazing that people can’t see this, for everywhere we look around we see evidence of life, we see evidence of creation; we see evidence of life supporting itself and evolution taking place. It just makes sense that rocks, stones, or crystals share in this life-force.

We have definitely proven they have energy, as with the use of today’s aura cameras it is possible  to photograph this  life-force, so it is becoming more and more difficult for people to disbelieve this sort of information. It must be becoming harder for people to say that rocks are just rock.

And of course we don’t mean that they are living with a consciousness that is the same as our consciousness, but we are saying that they have energy and that they vibrate a certain rate of vibrations – evidence of life energy. It is this that we use to balance and harmonize our own systems and environment.

Perhaps if by treating the Earth as a living entity, by providing more compassion, dignity and respect and maybe if we open our minds and work closer with Mother Nature, more of the healing force and value available to us from crystals and the like will be revealed.

So, what is your opinion, Are Crystals Alive?










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