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                                                                                                                June 2010


In this Newsletter: - Words from Ron, New Products, Inspirational quote, Stone of the month –  Hematite, Article – The basics for using a Pendulum, Tips for using crystals. 

Hello and welcome. Last month I was saying how easy it can be to become too busy and I recommended taking a little time out for some re-creation.  I know a couple of you have followed my advice and taken some time out for an ‘energy treatment’, such as a massage, a Reiki session or a crystal chakra balance, and other similar treats.

Another very effective ‘energy treatment’ is to go out for a walk, especially if most of your day is spent indoors. Even though we are at the beginning of winter and might shun the idea, this is particularly beneficial if you can walk in a place of beauty, like a botanical garden, a well kept park, or along the bank of a river or lake, or a beach. Not only do you get the benefit of the physical exercise, but this activity also has the benefit of helping to keep us mentally balanced and psychologically fit.

Of course it is not always possible to walk regularly in such places due to location and time constraints, however it is well worth the effort to do it as and when you can.  At other times there is nothing like a walk around the block or the neighbourhood. This time spent outdoors also has the benefit of enlightening us, i.e. filling our being with the natural, energising and life giving power of the sun.

Unfortunately, far too many these days are being connived into believing that this source of all life here on earth is somehow detrimental and should be shunned at all costs. The real cost is one of loss of vigour and life force energy which leads to a rundown in our heath and wellbeing. It’s the old story - by avoiding an ounce of prevention it ends up costing more than a pound of cure.

We have family living in Canada and one of the big problems for northerners in winter is dealing with SAD or seasonal affected disorder which is caused by being indoors so much and a general lack of sunlight. Fortunately for most of us we are not locked in by weather can still get out and about with relative freedom to keep ourselves vital and well balanced.


A special thankyou to those of you who sent words of support, provided encouragement, and joined This is a project founded in a cause for peace, with an end result in mind of a much more harmonious, joyful and loving place in which we can all live.  I’d greatly appreciate it if you would help spread the word and tell as many people as you can about it.


A Reminder for Brisbane area customers who also like personal shopping - you can now buy crystals, incense and other metaphysical products at CJ’s Whitelight Cafe, 1506 Brisbane Valley Hway Fernvale.

New Products

In recent times we have added some new tumble stones, these are Merlinite, Ruby, Fire Agate, Red Banded Agate, Banded Hematite, Kambaba Jasper, and restocked Petalite. And last month we introduced an entire category with Resin and Wood Incense.


Inspirational Quote for the month

The only way of finding the limit of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible.

~ Arthur C Clark ~

Stone of the month:

Hematite crystals are rhombohedral, tabular, or sometimes prismatic or pyramidal; this member of the oxides group has a trigonal crystal structure. Its colour ranges from red, brown-red, grey and black, it is opaque with a metallic to dull lustre. It most commonly recognised in its polished metallic silvery grey colour. It is relatively dense and heavy   because of its mineral make-up. This stone is created from oxidized iron and scratching a piece of it against a hard surface will leave a red residue. In soft powder or sedimentary form this crystal is known as ‘red ochre’.

Hematite is referred to as Hæmatite in older texts with the name coming from the Greek word for blood, being known as a "blood stone," it has been used as an amulet against bleeding. Native American folklore says that war paint made with Hematite will make one invincible in battle. Roman soldiers wore it for protection. Early Egyptians used it as a talisman to calm hysteria and anxiety. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries Hematite jewellery was worn during mourning.

This crystal is highly recommended for grounding and protecting. Considered to be a symbol of life energy, Hematite allows for more confidence, will power and boldness. It helps us adjust to being physical and encourages our survival instincts. It helps bolster low self-esteem and is known to deflect negativity. It restores equilibrium, stability, and it brings awareness back to the body and helps maintain a sense of self. During astral travelling it protects the soul and grounds it back into the body.

Known as a ‘stone for the mind’, it brings mental organization and clarity, as it helps with original thinking, logical thinking, and understanding in mathematics and with technical knowledge. It also enhances concentration and memory. Very grounding and calming this stone decreases negativity and harmonizes the energies of body, mind and spirit.

Hematite also improves awareness, hearing and general receptivity to vibrations and it increases alertness and vigilance.

A calming and transformational stone, Hematite offers support for your hopes, dreams, and desires, and reminds you that the only limitations that exist are those you place upon yourself.

Hematite has a powerful connection to the blood; it restores, strengthens and regulates the blood supply. It can draw heat from the body and keep it cool. Aids the absorption of iron in the small intestines and benefits all fluid functions in the body. This mineral is excellent for the kidneys, anemia, and tissue regeneration. Because it has an overall calming effect it is helpful for insomnia and anxiety. It aids spinal alignment and fractures and treats leg cramps. Helps you regroup after jet lag, stress, birth and anaesthesia. Do not use in cases of inflammation.


The basics for using a Pendulum

A Pendulum in its most basic construction is made by suspending any object that is not too large and has a little weight to it on the end of a piece of string or chain so that it can swing or move easily. It is used as a divination tool to predict an outcome, or to provide simple insight into an event or a topic of concern. It is often used to provide clarity and assist in decision making and to get to the truth of a matter.

A simple pendulum can be made by suspending a ring on a piece of string. You can utilise a jewellery pendant, or make use of a plumb bob from your tool box. You can also purchase the very popular and effective pendulums that are cut or carved from various types of crystal, and are usually suspended on a light chain. These are available in a variety of shapes including balls, teardrops, octagonal points, Egyptian cut, plumb bob, merkabar, disco balls and as miniature wands.

To use a pendulum, all you need do is to suspend it over, or from between your fingers. It is best if you only have it hanging about 15cms or 6 inches below your fingers. But it’s important to find a length that is comfortable to you. Some people find it helpful to hold their other hand about 3cms or an inch or so under the dangling pendulum, in order to complete or create an energy circuit.

Now were almost ready to go and all we need to do is to establish a pattern of communication. This is established by asking it, in your head or out loud, “Would you please show me a yes?” The pendulum should now commence to move in some direction. Allow this to build a momentum. Once you have recognised and familiarised yourself with this, remember it as your ‘yes’ answer. Now repeat the process to establish your ‘no’ answer. You will usually find that this pattern of answers will be the same with any other pendulum you use subsequently.

The next step is to satisfy yourself and your pendulum that you can work together. This is achieved with a few simple questions. Ask, is my name (here use your name)? Will you work with me? If you get a ‘no’ answer for either of these questions, it would be well worth getting another pendulum that will work accurately with you.

Pendulums can only respond in yes or no answers, so your questions need to be very specific. For example if you ask “will it rain today?” – Your answer will be yes. If where you are at that time it is obvious that it will be fine, you could be forgiven for doubting the outcome. It is a big world and it’s bound to be raining somewhere. However, if you make it more specific and ask, “Will it rain where I am today?” you will get the proper answer.

Sometimes, but usually rarely, there is no specific answer to a question, or the knowledge that would be revealed is in breach of spiritual law, and the pendulum will not respond, or sits in place vibrating. All you can do at this time is to move on to your next question.

Maybe as a beginner, you still have some doubt as to the validity of the answers given by your pendulum, or you may be concerned that you are overriding the movement to create the answers you want to receive. If this is the case you can use a blind method to get an accurate answer. - Place separate pieces of paper, one with the  word no and the other with the word yes, into different envelopes, and now shuffle them until you no longer know which one is which. Then place them separately in front of you. Now select one of them and hold your pendulum over it and ask, “Is this the correct answer to my question; and my question is (here ask your question)?” Your pendulum will respond negatively or affirmatively, now repeat this over the other envelope and then open the positive response envelope to reveal your answer. This is a very accurate way to get to the truth.

If your question relates to a really big issue for you or you just want to be doubly certain of the results, or perhaps to prove the validity of using a pendulum for yourself or to a friend, use this method: Have a friend shuffle and then put the envelopes in place while you are out of their sight and then use the system above. As you have no idea of the contents of the envelopes, you can’t control the outcome! Your true and accurate answer has been revealed.

Using a Pendulum is especially helpful when you are having a hard time reaching a decision because you are uncertain of a course to follow, or you need to choose the better of two desirable choices. You can ask “will x be in my highest interest?” And then check by asking the alternate “will y be in my highest interest?” Now you no longer need to toss this around as you have revealed your course and can get into action.

 Crystal Tips and Techniques.

If you are wearing Hematite jewellery, be sure to take the crystal off from time to time, as it can have a ‘heavy effect’ if left on for too long. In fact if worn above the waist it is best to be not worn for more than a few hours at a time.

Classes and Workshops

Crystal Healing, Reiki, Mediation and Spiritual Development classes are conducted regularly throughout the year at ‘Akasha Keep’. Email or phone us 07 5427 9618 for all the details or to make your booking. Many of you are too far away from us to take advantage of these, so if you can get a group together we would love to come to you, even if you are close by.

If you would like to host one of these at your place, or a venue of your choice, please let us know and we will see what we can arrange. WE WOULD ABSOLUTELY LOVE TO COME AND DO A CLASS OR WORKSHOP FOR YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS OR COLLEAGUES. Email or phone us 07 5427 9618 and lets see what we can arrange.

FREE Worksop – Learn the essential skills and techniques of Chakra balancing, Sat 19th June at CJ’s Whitelight Cafe, 1506 Brisbane Valley Hway Fernvale. Book at the shop 07 5426 7322.
If you make any purchases after the workshop you will receive a free crystal.

Good vibrations and all the best,

Ron & Sue Windred.

P.S. Remember the importance of taking some time for yourself and re-energising by walking and basking in the sunlight.

P.P.S.  Join us in TheWorldMeditation if you haven’t already done so.

P.P.P.S. If you can, come along on the 19th to CJ’s and learn how to do a Crystal Chakra Balance.

P.P.P.P.S. We really would value your feed-back, so if you get a chance could you let us know what you think of the newsletter. Please Email us at - or phone us on 07 5427 9618.

Disclaimer: The metaphysical and healing properties outlined in this website are for inspiration and reference. These alleged properties are gathered from writings, books, folklore and various other sources. They are dependent upon the attitude and beliefs of the individual. In no way are they meant to replace diagnosis or treatment by a qualified therapist or physician.









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