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February 2009



We would like to wish all our customers a Happy New Year.

Our start to the New Year has been a bit of a challenge, while we were in Canada our home and office were broken into and our computer among other things was stolen. Luckily we had our lap top with us but we still had to get a new modem so we could get back on the internet. Because of all the extra things we needed to do, this newsletter is late, sorry. We are getting back on track; the lessons for us are in how we deal with this; do we allow it to make us angry and get us down, or do we accept that it has happened and move forward. We are choosing to move forward, that it not to say we were not upset, for we were, but having dealt with it, we are now not letting it affect us. One of the first things we did was to smudge our house and office with white sage; this made a real difference to the feel of the place.

Fortunately things are now returning to normal, we plan on adding more products to our site in the coming year. Some of the ones we are looking into are: Native American Products, Amethyst Caves and Zen Chi Massager.

To start the year off we are giving all our customers a 10% discount off your next order valued at $50.00 or more, just put the code Feb into the box marked Promotion Code. This offer ends on the 28th February.


Thank you to all those who have signed up for our new site we hope you are enjoying your Free eBooks. We are still in the pre-launch stage and this offer of Three Free eBooks is for a limited time and for a limited number, so don't miss out on your copies.


Save on white sage incense. Buy by the box, i.e. 6 packets or 120 sticks for just $8.50, normally $9.50.

White Sage is a purifying scent said to absorb negativity and misfortune.

To buy now, go to;                                                                                       

Our incense wholesaler has advised us that prices are going up; however we will continue to sell at the best prices. With this in mind, now would be a good time to stock up and save, especially with our flat rate postage of just $9.50 (except salt lamps) within Australia.


Eleven new meditation CD’s have now been added.

Mind Medicine series for healthy mind, body and spirit; weight control, pain management, boosting the immune system, overcoming depression, reducing stress, and overcoming addictions.

How do these CD’s work? They have hypnotic meditations combined with beautiful music and relaxing nature sounds to relax your mind, rebalance your body and improve general wellbeing.

Explore the complete “Natural Mother” series; Vol 1, Connecting with babe. Vol 2, Preparing for the birth. Vol 3, Baby Blues. Vol 4, Mothers Time. Vol 5, Enhancing Fertility. The ‘Natural Mother’ series is designed to help you create the best conditions in mind and body for a happy, healthy outcome for both mother and baby.

Don’t always have a lot of time to meditate?

Try the ‘Take Ten’ series. These are 10 minute meditations for busy people. They will help you to relax, revive, refocus, and re-energize. Each CD has 5 ten minute meditations.


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