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Psychic Readings – We are now offering email Intuitive Psychic Readings. Send us your full name, date of birth, a photo and 3 questions and we will do a reading for you, we will also tell you your birth number, your birthstone, the crystal that resonates with your star sign and your birth number and we will answer your questions. If we use cards to do your reading we will also include a photo of your card spread.

We use various methods for Psychic Readings, card readings (choosing from over 20 decks of cards), intuition, psychometry from your photo and some numerology.

Client feedback reveals a 100% satisfaction rate. All have been astounded at the depth of understanding and accuracy revealed in their readings. And most were surprised at the content provided for the price being charged.

Readings are done by Sue, Ron or both.

Ron – works with  An assembly of Ancients  and Melchizedek as his guides

Sue – works with her 'Band of Angels' and Quan Yin.

AUD $72.73 inc. GST

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