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Inner Alchemy - Explore Past Lives Guided Meditations

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 Inner Alchemy

Exploring Past Lives

A relaxing and easy to follow PAST LIFE exploration, with subliminal frequencies specially created to help you to reach deeper levels of your subconscious, AND SUPER-CONSCIOUS MIND. This unique blend of music, creative visualisation, and hypno/suggestion can help YOU create the doorway to remembering and release memories not only in your present life, but past existences. You will be amazed at the information revealed through the higher wisdom of YOUR super-conscious and how it can create “alchemical” changes within you.

Alchemy the process when base metals were changed to gold, its mystical sense means transformation from conscious to a super-conscious. This program is designed to help you awaken new understanding and knowledge. The process of remembering can open an expanded understanding of who and what you are.

Powerful and effective, Inner Alchemy is the program where YOU become the alchemist to your expansion.

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