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Inner Alchemy - Connect to your Power Animal Guided Meditations

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Inner Alchemy

Connect To Your Power Animal

Professionally guided hypnotic meditation by Mary Rodwell RN

Everyone has a source of power. Many tribes and cultures believe this is in essence an animal spirit. Connect with your own power and animal, and regain the strength you require. Draw upon this inner power for whatever you wish. Gain wisdom and compassion from your power animal. Overcome all hurdles on your path towards enlightenment and ascension.   

This CD contains a unique blend of music, hypno/suggestions, trance inducing frequencies and subliminal messages to help you create the “alchemical” change you desire. Alchemy in its mystical sense means change from a conscious to a super-conscious state. Become your own Alchemist and rediscover your inner power.

Powerful and effective, Inner Alchemy is the program where you can connect with your inner power.

 Music composed and directed by David Sandercock B, Mus, (Hons), L Mus.

Vocals by Mary Rodwell RN, counsellor and hypnotherapist.

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