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Inner Alchemy - Connect to the Wise You Guided Meditations

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Inner Alchemy

Connecting to the Wise You

This CD takes you on a relaxing inner journey to connect with your inner wisdom, the WISE part of you. Relaxing with gentle imagery, words, colour and music you are guided to your sacred place of total acceptance and love. Explore and connect with the loving energy of that WISE part of you, access the resources we all have within us. Explore your concerns as you communicate with your SUPER-CONSCIOUS self. Become your own Alchemist by using this awareness to create the conditions for change and transformation.

This CD contains a unique blend of music, hypno/suggestion, trance-inducing frequencies and subliminal messages to help you access your subconscious more easily and create the “alchemical” changes you desire. Alchemy is the process when base metals were changed into gold, but in its mystical sense means change from conscious to a super-conscious state.


Find out what gifts the wise part of you has to offer.

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