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Inner Alchemy - Be Your Own Clairvoyant Guided Meditations

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Inner Alchemy

Be your own Clairvoyant

Professionally guided hypnotic meditation by Mary Rodwell RN

We all have the innate power of prophecy inside us. Learn to tell the future and access your higher self. Awaken your psychic senses, including clairaudience and clairsentience. This powerful and important CD offers unlimited gifts for you. Discover not what only lies in store for you, but your friends as well.

The unique blend of music, creative visualization and hypno/suggestions will facilitate a doorway or vibratory “bridge” to this higher stream of consciousness. This program is a tool to help you in your process of alchemic change, awakening and transformation. Alchemy is the process when base metals were changed into gold, but in its mystical sense means changes from conscious to a super-conscious state.

Powerful and effective, Inner Alchemy is the program where you can become your own clairvoyant.

Music composed and directed by David Sandercock B, Mus, (Hons), L Mus.

Vocals by Mary Rodwell RN, counsellor and hypnotherapist.


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