Customer Crystal Story. 7 Stories about People and Crystals.


When it comes to crystals, I find that people generally fall into one of three distinct camps. First, we have the believers. Then those who adamantly don’t believe in them. And the third are those who couldn’t care less, one way or the other. I love a good customer crystal story and these 7 will enlighten us as to some of the benefits of interacting with these wonderful gifts from nature.

Apart from our online presence we also sell crystals at Fernvale Markets Qld on Sundays. One of the things we like about this is that we get to talk directly with the people who stop by. There are lots of people who have to stop and tell us all about their latest find while they were out fossicking. Or about the incredible find they made years ago. Or their latest buy. And of course, all about their latest experiences using crystals. The majority of these people are a delight to talk to. They’re sincere, polite, and you can tell that they have a love for what they do. We have had many great conversations.

Then there are those who have to let us know that they have the biggest whatever. Or how they found this giant rock, or were given this most incredible crystal. When I was young, I was taught that everyone has their story, even the dull and ignorant. So, we patiently listen, and look forward to the next customer so we can excuse ourselves. It seems most of them are hellbent on making sure we know that what they have is so much better than ours. I guess I just explained a fourth group, but I’m not exactly sure how to classify them.


Not everyone is into crystals.

We occasionally get a visit from a fundamentalist who likes to inform us that we are engaging in the devil’s work. As we don’t believe in the devil this never bothers us.

It’s always easy to pick those who aren’t into crystals. They have usually been dragged to our stall by someone who loves crystals, or they’re a passerby just looking to fill time, or looking out of curiosity. You can tell them straight away by their body language, or by their derogatory remarks. Usually something like ‘surely, you’re not going to waste money on rocks, are you? Or come on there’s still lots more to see yet’.


Some Positive Customer Crystal Stories.

Anyway, enough of the negative side, it’s the good stories I really want to share with you. Some of them, even I will admit seem a bit farfetched and even hard to believe. But I have no reason to disbelieve them. I should point out though that they are written in my words, as I remember them.


Sean’s Customer Crystal Story.

Sean told me that at the time of his story, he was out of work and two weeks from starting a new job. Or, as he said three weeks out from getting his hands on some decent money. His car was limping by. He knew he couldn’t afford the necessary repairs, but he had it keep it going. A friend told him he had a crystal in his car to keep it running smoothly. Sean had a Clear Quartz crystal generator in his bedroom. A gift from his grandmother.

One of his biggest problems was if his battery would see him through. Anyway, he taped the Clear Quartz to it. Whether it’s true or not, he swears that that is what got him through until he could afford a new one. Also, even though his car still ran rough, it seemed to run a lot smoother with the crystal. It is now properly tuned and serviced and running well, accompanied everywhere by its companion crystal, kept in the console.


Alison’s Customer Crystal Story.

Alison was having a hard time with her sister, and she was often antagonistic toward her. They were having a mild disagreement in front of our crystal stall at Fernvale. The sister walked off, leaving Alison a bit agitated. Alison suddenly spun around and asked if there was a crystal that would make her sister like her. As she did this, she also picked up a Rose Quartz heart. This was more of a reflex in the moment action, rather than consciously choosing a crystal.

‘Actually, that one would be perfect’, I replied, ‘and better yet, why not get two, one for each of you. Blow your breath over them, and imagine the two of you getting along, very peaceably, and ask the crystals to help you love each other’. To my surprise, she did so, right there and then. A little while later when her sister came looking for her, she gave her one of the Rose Quartz hearts.

Three months later Alison and her sister visited our stall arm in arm to buy some crystals. Alison caught my eye and mouthed Thank You. That was enough for me to see the crystals had done their trick.


The man and his son. Another Customer Crystal Story.

This story starts some years ago. The man would come up, pick a couple of crystals, pay and then leave. He never seemed happy. After a couple of years, a younger man started turning up with him. He would stand back, scowling, and usually make a comment like “I don’t know why you’re wasting your money”. The man would pick out a handful of crystals, smile, and pay. Sometimes he would ask the younger man to pay.

A couple of years later, they turn up together smiling and happy, and always engage us in conversation. The young man turned out to be the older man’s son. He told me that he and his father had been estranged, but circumstances brought them back together. At first, his dad was very angry and hard to get along with. Each visit to the market made him angry at his dad’s waste of money on coloured stones.

Now he smiles and laughs, as does his dad as he gathers up yet another handful of stones. The son pointed out to me that his dad has a huge box full of crystals. He doesn’t know what most of them are, but here’s the thing – They Make Him Happy, and it’s rubbed off on me.

The man told me the other day that his nephew is getting into crystals, so he sent him a big part of his collection. He hoped the boy would get as much pleasure from them as he received.


Don’s Customer Crystal Story. 

As Don tells it, he had overheard me talking about racing legend Peter Brock and his 1986 “Energy Polarizer”. It was a box of crystals held in a resin along the lines of “Orgone Energy”. These were attached to Brock’s HDT vehicles. In that same conversation, I mentioned that a small Clear Quartz generator or point attached to the fuel line could increase fuel consumption. Also, that I had crystals I kept in my console to protect my car and cause it to run smoother.

Don purchased a couple of Clear Quartz points and went home to place them in his car. Where I had taped a small crystal point, to my fuel line, facing in the direction of flow, Don glued his on with Sikaflex.

Here’s the best part of his story. For the previous five years, he kept a log of his fuel consumption. He continued this for the next twelve months, and that’s when he came by our market stall to tell me the story. “You were right’, he said, ‘over the last year, my fuel consumption improved by .87%, not a whole lot, but something’. ‘And I can’t prove this, but I’m sure it’s running better”.

He went on to say, “I can easily live with that, but one day I swear that another car that should have side-swiped me, somehow seemed to slide by without contact. Now, that I do find hard to live with!”


Gisela’s Customer Crystal Story.

Gisela made a somewhat flippant inquiry, asking if we had a crystal that could bring more money in. We discussed some options and she left with a couple of Citrine, Green Aventurine, Tiger Eye, and a Jade. She came by three months later and told me her story.

She had a coffee shop that when we met that first time, was just breaking even. When she bought the crystals, she did so with a “what have I got to lose attitude”. She put four, or one of each in her till and the other three in her purse. Her business improved a little at first, but not really that much. Then a new business moved into the empty building a couple of doors away from her shop. Most of the people from the new business started buying their coffee and lunch from her and that moved her into profit.

Her quandary is, was it the crystals or was it the new business that saved her day? Like me, she likes to believe the crystals attracted the new business and then directed their purchases to her. This is an important consideration when you know that another coffee shop, was located about the same distance in the opposite direction.


Jenni’s Customer Crystal Story.

Jenni was buying a smudge stick, when I asked if she had used them before. She said she hadn’t, but a friend had recommended she get one because her house had a horrible vibe. She explained how she had finally managed to get a rental after trying for some time. But after she moved in, the house started giving her and her kids the creeps. She also mentioned her son was having nightmares. Basically, she was stuck in a creepy house, as in her words, it was all she could afford and she doubted she could get anything else. Besides she had signed the lease.

Her friend had also suggested, as well as smudging, that she should put a Black Tourmaline grid in place. A Tourmaline in each corner of the house at ground level and one in each corner in the ceiling. Plus, a piece of Selenite on the ledge above each window and outside door. Also, a tray of Smokey Quartz tumbled stones in the middle of her family room.

I suggested a Mangano Calcite and a Smokey Quartz placed under his pillow for her son’s nightmares.

A few weeks later, Jenni dropped by to buy another smudge stick. This one she said was to help maintain the good vibe her house now had. She said it was like all the negative and creepy stuff just disappeared as she smudged and put the crystals in place. Her son is sleeping so much better and has had only one nightmare since he started sleeping with his stones.


Jakes’s Customer Crystal Story.

Jake was feeling very morose and withdrawn and he had good reasons for his depressive state. His girlfriend had left him the same week he lost his job, so we could understand his down-in-the-mouth attitude. To make matters worse, nearly a month later, he still hadn’t got a new job, despite many applications and interviews.

This was quite understandable, as we saw it because he had allowed his energy to plummet to a very negative level. And it showed, in his posture, manner, and the way he talked. While we were talking about some of the things he could do to help his situation, he instinctively reached for and started fiddling with a Jet tumbled stone. We allowed him to keep it as our gift and said he should keep it with him as much as possible. As you will read below, he couldn’t have chosen a better crystal to help him get back on top of things, which he did.

It seemed his luck changed quickly as he had a new job within a few days. Talking with him two months later, his whole manner had improved for the better. It was good to see Mr Gloom and Doom replaced by a positive and upbeat young man. He also said he recognised some of the reasons his girlfriend left, and he is now working on improving himself for the better. Also, he is looking forward to meeting a new love interest in the future.


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