Crystal Tips and Techniques.

This month we will take a look at using a simple crystal Grid to help manifest your desires, and how to use the same to promote healing. Go to your crystal collection and select 12 Clear Quartz points. Any size is OK, but pieces about 2 – 4 cms long are preferred. You will also need a large point or generator. If you don’t have these, they can be purchased at reputable crystal shops, or of course you can buy them here.  

Now that you have your crystals, cleanse them to de-programme and clear them of any unwanted influence. An easy way to do this is to wash them under running water.

Next create an alter for want of a better description, in an area that will not be in the way of day to day activities. An easy means to do this is to use a small round display table or a card table and cover it with an appealing cloth. You can also use a section of the floor if a table or similar is not available.

On top of this area, set a circle with your crystals. The diameter is largely determined by the space available, but about 15” or 35cms is OK. Place the 12 points evenly around the circumference with the points facing inwards.

For manifesting, it is now time to write out a description of the desired item or outcome on a piece of paper and place it in the centre, or a photograph may be employed. Now take the generator between your hands in prayer position and activate it for your purpose. This is done by stating words similar to these; “I ask that I be granted my desire for (and here state your written request or as represented by your photograph) and that it is manifested by (here state your date for achievement). My request is accompanied by my desire for the highest good for all and the understanding that this or better will be delivered. Amen.”

Now place it over your request and wait for the outcome. Of course keep this area clean and remember to dismantle when your desire is manifest.

For healing the process is the same, just the details are different.

Manifesting Grid

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