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Crocoite Cluster

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Crocoite: approx 10cm x 9cm and weighs approx 830 grams.

Crocoite energizes the creative process, stimulates the immune system and reproductive organs and is said to be able to pinpoint the best time for conception. It is a vital, energy-imbued crystal which ignites the 'fire in the belly’; supporting anything one is very passionate about. It is great for stimulating the lower chakras and connecting them to your higher chakras.

Want to acquire vitality and stimulate more passion in your life? Then Crocoite could be for you. It has a powerful vibration that energizes your entire system and helps you to feel passionately about whatever holds your attention.

Keep it in your bedroom to perk up your relationship and utilize its amorous vibration to stimulate passionate lovemaking.

Crocoite has a robust grounding and rising energy that generates a strong spiritual and loving vibration in your life. It powerfully links you with the energy of Mother Gaia.

This is a glorious crystal that can make you feel good about life. It acts like a tonic bringing vitality energy and sparkle into your life!

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