Avoid Coronavirus and Stay Healthy With Crystals.

2020 and Coronavirus has caused some serious disruption to a great many people. It has brought fear, some very strange behaviours and economic havoc. There is little we can do about the economic havoc, but we certainly can do things to be sure we avoid Coronavirus and stay healthy with crystals.

While it’s true no one wants to get it, considering our total population the odds of getting it aren’t even as good as winning the lottery. If lotto is your retirement plan, you’re probably in for a lean time.

We do need to treat it seriously, but not to buy into the fear and hype that is being generated. Common sense (if it’s still alive) and some basic hygiene practices are a good starting point for staying safe.

If you have a strong, healthy and vibrant energy system, along with good physical health and fitness, you are much less likely to get it. Or perhaps more correctly stated for it to get you.

As to the economic meltdown it’s said is a result of this very same epidemic. Far too many people are buying into the negative story and fear surrounding this subject. No doubt we will all be affected in some way, but it is largely an area out of our direct control. It’s important to take care of what you can and then leave well enough alone.

All in all people are weakening their life-force and giving away their energy out of fear. Both real, and imagined losses are causing panic and emotional pain.

Here’s the thing – if you are strong and healthy, you probably won’t get the virus. If you do, the authorities say, it will be like a case of the flu and you will get over it.

» If you suspect you have contacted Coronavirus, see your doctor.
» Follow quarantine instructions.
» Stay upbeat – the more positive you are and the higher your vibrational output, the less likely you are to get Coronavirus. Also if you have it, the easier it will be on you.

Emotional Frequency Chart

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The higher you raise and keep your vibrations, the less chance you have of catching a virus. The lower your vibrational frequency, the greater your chance of catching a virus. Fear only increases your odds of getting what you don’t want.    

Strengthen your immune system — avoid coronavirus and stay healthy with crystals.

Our immune system is our primary defence mechanism. It protects us from unwanted energies as well as physical agents like bacteria, viruses, fungi, and so on. If our immune system isn’t healthy, a simple scratch can become fatal.

This system is also impacted by our vibrational frequency. Our emotions and our thoughts may strengthen or weaken it. So it’s vital to make sure our immune system functions as well as possible by maintaining a positive attitude. This will give it the best chance to effectively combat aggressors.

A well-balanced lifestyle, healthy diet and exercise will also enable us to improve our immune responses and stay healthy.

Using crystals is another natural and easy way to enhance your immune function. They may help to prevent you catching the virus and to recover quicker if you do catch it.

Any of these five crystals should be good for the job:

Amber is a natural antibiotic and is useful for treating infection and fever. A powerful healer and purifier, it also imparts vitality, absorbs pain and negativity. It also enables your body to restore its balance and heal itself. Amber imparts joy and self-confidence and relieves stress and emotional turmoil.

Amethyst reinforces the cleansing and elimination organs as well as the immune system. It also helps regulate intestinal flora. A natural tranquillizer, it relieves stress and nervous system disorders and promotes tranquillity. Amethyst balances our emotional highs and lows and assists in eliminating anger, fear and anxiety.

Bloodstone strengthens the immune system, makes it more alert and responsive and strengthens it for quick recovery. It is also a powerful healer and energy cleanser. Furthermore Bloodstone reenergises and rejuvenates when your body and mind are exhausted. It will soothe discomfort and stimulate your immune response in the needed area to help you heal more rapidly.

Emerald is a powerful ally of the immune system that can help you to remain in good health, especially when your body’s natural defences are low. It rejuvenates the physical body and stimulates rapid recovery from infectious diseases. In addition it ensures physical, emotional and mental balance. It also deletes negativity and bestows a positive attitude.

Fluorite is very beneficial at dealing with infections and viruses and for general health and well being. It has a powerful cleansing and purifying energy that removes toxins and the negativity that often comes with feeling sick. In this way, it helps align your energy and get you back on track to health.

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