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An Introduction to Crystals and Healing Stones

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An Introduction to Crystals and Healing Stones by Ron and Sue Windred

This book offers a clear-cut introduction to crystals – what they are; how to choose and look after them; how to identify them and their primary uses.

Throughout history man has used the power of crystals. Most ancient cultures have held crystals as sacred objects and have used them in ceremony, for meditation, to clarify thoughts and to help with healing. Today crystals are integrated into our modern technologies; they are used in communications, computers, medical and laser technologies, yet they retain their appeal as magical talismans.

From the authors:
“We wrote An Introduction to Crystals and Healing Stones in response to the many questions we received regarding the fundamentals of obtaining and caring for crystals and the basic understanding for their use in healing.”

Some of the subjects covered include:
Where do crystals come from?
Types of Crystals.
How does my crystal work?
Choosing your crystal.
Choosing a crystal for another or as a gift.
Should I cleanse my crystal?
Getting to know your crystal.
Making the most of your crystal.
Wearing crystals
Crystal gazing
Crystal massage
Crystal healing
Crystal shapes and structures.

Along with your crystal selection guides:
101 Popular and easy to obtain Crystals.
Star Sign Stones.
Anniversary Stones.
Day Stones.

Feedback from our reader’s said that it is written in a clear and easy style that is short on jargon, and which presents the key information necessary to get the most out of your relationship with your crystals. They say the pictures and format make it easy to follow and identify the various crystals and crystal forms. It is proving to be very popular with beginners and professionals alike.

101 popular and easy to obtain stones are presented with a brief of their key properties and full colour photographs to help you to identify them. Plus pictures and identifying information to help you choose your Birthstone, Astrological Stone, as well as Anniversary and Day Stones—Having these stones and their beneficial influence around you at the appropriate times helps to lift your vibration and adds power, healing and joy to your life.

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