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Amethyst Geode

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Amethyst Geode 
This geode is approx 22cm high, 14cm wide at the base.

Amethyst Cathedral Geodes commence their magical journey into the world and into our hands as a part of nature’s mystical and evolutionary force. From deep within the bowels of mother earth a hot mass of lava makes its way to the surface and then flows out, spreading across the land surface or in the waters. In the process of cooling, trapped gases form into internal crystals, within pockets called nodules. Some of these nodules are free formed, but the majority are part of a greater mass of stone.

When we take one of these nodules and cut or break into it to reveal the interior display of crystals – we call it a geode. Large Amethyst geodes are also called cathedrals or cathedral geodes. Sometimes they are simply called caves.

While they may look like ordinary rocks to look at, with a little help, they are opened up to reveal their beautiful internal display of crystals and called geodes (from Latin meaning "Earth like"). These crystals produce a dazzling display of colour by reflecting and refracting light, while at the same time emitting their benevolent energies into their immediate environment. 

Amethyst forms predominantly as small stubby pyramidal crystals, although some locations such as the Mexican occurrences are distinguished for producing elegantly tall prismatic crystals and of course it also forms the internal lining of geodes, some of which can be over three metres tall and weighing several tons.

These magnificent works of nature quietly make a statement for peace and tranquillity, spirituality and contentment. They are excellent decorating pieces that provide for positive transformation, raise vibrations to connect Earth with Heaven, emit beneficial healing energies and offer access to higher energies of wisdom and understanding.  

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